If you’re pursuing a Bachelor's of Applied Arts and Sciences, or BAAS, you have plenty of jobs awaiting you once you graduate. Since so many disciplines have an aspect of applied art or science, this degree is extremely versatile. Those most likely to benefit from a BAAS degree are military veterans, students with multiple interests or areas of expertise and those looking to bridge their work experience with education.

You can pursue a teaching job with a degree in applied arts and sciences. For example, you can use your creative mix of multi-disciplinary studies to show school administrators that you're qualified to teach math and English as a result of your diverse education. Pair an eclectic mix of school coursework with previous military or job experience and you may be the candidate technical school administrators seek when they look for hands-on, real-world experience paired with teaching credentials.

You can pair your BAAS degree with military experience and a desire to get into a public service career. From law enforcement and criminal justice to administrative positions within the huge public health sector, complete a specific concentration in public service administration that touches on theory and practice, and you’ll be a prime candidate for jobs within any type of municipal government system. Use your BAAS as a springboard for law school or become a technical consultant in the public sector that allows you to use your degree and experience to set up your own practice.

Several universities offer a specialized BAAS in Applied Technology and Performance Improvement that opens doors for communications generalists. With this, you can pursue a career in human resources, human relations, communication technology, marketing, public relations and several other high-profile career paths. Whether you want to program computers or create brochures, newsletters and marketing materials as a desktop designer, you’ll qualify for multiple openings with a BAAS on your resume.

Since a contemporary degree in applied arts and sciences may allow you to pursue up to four concentrations while studying, getting into the management field is a viable option. For example, if you have an interest in fashion design, business, marketing and merchandising, you can easily qualify for a career in the fashion industry. The beauty of the BAAS is the diversity it offers; no single-track education confines you to a single career path.