How to Indicate a Master's Degree on a Business Card

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A Master's degree is an educational accomplishment that requires years of post-secondary schooling and dedication. Though Master's degrees have not traditionally been noted on business cards, the practice has become more acceptable over the years. As a rule of thumb, only include a mention of your degree if it is related to your profession.

Determine if your Master's degree is related to your profession. If you work in business, for example, an MBA is directly related to your profession. A Master's degree in creative writing, however, is not directly related to a career in nursing.

Place the initials of your degree program after your name on your business card, separated by a comma. The initials should be in all capital letters without periods after the letters. For example, a Master's degree in Business Administration would be notated as an MBA. A Master's in Management of Hospitality would be abbreviated as an MMH. Use the abbreviation that corresponds with your degree.

Spell out the degree program underneath your name if it is an uncommon program that may not be recognized by its initials, or if you prefer to have the program name written out. Write the name of your degree directly underneath your name with a smaller font. You do not need to include the year the degree was obtained.



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