After you have completed your bachelor’s degree, you can obtain a Master of Arts in Human Resources Management. Normally, it will take about two years for full-time students to complete a master's degree. After completing your degree, place the appropriate initials of the Master of Arts in Human Resources Management on your business card if it corresponds to your current career field.

Locate the initials of your Master of Arts in Human Resources Management degree. The initials for this degree can be written a few ways: MAHRM, MHRM or MA/HRM. Refer to your diploma, school website or school transcript to see how your school lists your degree.

Place the initials of your degree separated by a comma after your last name. The degree initials should be in all capital letters without periods. Be sure to use the appropriate abbreviation that corresponds with the degree.

Spell out the degree underneath your name. Do not add the year the degree was obtained.