The Asian-pacific Republic of the Philippines is a stable democracy with a seemingly complex system of registration guidelines that define the start-up of any entrepreneurial endeavor. The nursing industry on the 7107-island archipelago provides training and certification that mirror the standard currently available in the United States. The constant support for the vital Philippine remittance economy and the abundance of job opportunities for nurses abroad have made the nursing agency start-up an attractive prospect for would-be entrepreneurs.

Things You Will Need
  • Phone

  • Computer with internet access

Pick a legal entity. Legal structures accepted by the Philippine government are similar to those found in most states across the U.S. A single proprietorship, a partnership of two or more individuals, a legally formed corporation, and a cooperative are common structures used in the country. A separate government agency oversees new business registration for these business types. Department of Trade and Industry (single proprietorship), The Securities Exchange Commission (corporations and partnerships) and the Cooperative Development Authority (cooperatives) are available for trade name and registration. Information regarding these agencies can be found via Philippine government websites such as

Contact or visit the proper government agency regarding your specific business location and the local tax requirements. The Barangay (District) Hall, the local municipality seat (mayor's office) and the Bureau of Internal Revenue are all involved in new business licensing procedure. For example, a Barangay clearance along with a community tax certificate must be obtained prior to receiving a city permit. The Bureau of Permits must then classify and identify the type of business you want to register. A taxpayer identification number, a certificate of registration and proof of fee payment must all be present for proper classification to take place. If you are in the U.S., most public library systems maintain a wealth of information regarding national business registration guidelines for a number of countries.

Secure equipment necessary to operate your business. Computer-related hardware, dedicated phone services, print and facsimile devices, record-keeping software and stationery are needed at a professional nursing agency. These items may be purchased outright or leased.

Develop a pool of nursing contractors/employees. The core of your business model is to provide quality health-care staffing to medical facilities. Develop your pool by extending your advertising and marketing campaign to nurse training schools, health-related websites, and employment periodicals and organizations. You may also join in a sponsorship partnership with organization that recruit foreign nursing professionals for work in a host nation. The Philippine Overseas Employment Administration regulates and advises foreign recruitment efforts and maintains information regarding participation in a sponsorship agreement.

Philippine Overseas Employment Administration EDSA corner Ortigas Avenue Mandaluyong City, Philippines [email protected]

Market your services. Find facilities, agencies or treatment providers that need additional staffing. These agencies may be contacted directly via information provided on the the Internet or in the Philippines White pages phone directory. These businesses may advertise via domestic online classifieds such as Sulit (,) or Locanto (