The hair care industry is competitive, with many salons and boutiques, as well as a strong online DIY culture of hair care and information gathering. Hair care marketing strategies that rely upon hyper-targeted marketing and word of mouth are essential to finding and keeping clients, and to increasing the amount of business that your clients give you.

Niche Targeting and Positioning

Determine how you differ from your competitors. Some salons, for example, offer low-cost walk-in services, while others offer luxury services by appointment only. Research your competitors to see how they determine their niches and how they charge for their services. Identify your own niche, and then identify opportunities you can exploit for your own business. For example, if you have a luxury hair care facility and the top luxury salon in your area doesn't offer appointments before or after traditional business hours, offer extended hours to give people an incentive to come to your shop.

Content and Educational Marketing

A client's experience with your business should extend beyond the time she's in the salon chair. Use social media marketing, email marketing and other online marketing to engage your clients when they're not with you. Create a monthly or biweekly email newsletter with updates about your business and hair care tips for your audience. Create illustrations that depict simple hair care techniques or before-and-after shots and share them via social media. Release interesting content regularly to keep your business top-of-mind.

Public Relations Strategy

Public relations is a way to get your establishment's name out in the community and build your reputation. Use public relations tactics like press releases, public relations events or media pitches to gain exposure. Consider offering free or discounted services for veterans on military holidays, or host a Locks of Love hair donation drive, to donate hair for children who have lost theirs for medical reasons. These types of events are goodwill for the community and could be shared with local media in the form of press releases, articles or an on-camera interview for your business.

Promotions and Word-of-Mouth Marketing

Pricing is a significant motivating factor for gaining clients who have a choice between similar offerings. Enact rewards programs for clients in which they earn points toward free services or products when they visit your salon often. Offer discounts for people who refer friends to your hair care facility. Create seasonal sales promotions or offer rewards for people on their birthdays.