According to Fiscal Times, government and private financing began to wane in 2012 and may not provide the necessary resources to build new facilities and replace outdated nursing homes. Therefore, running a day care center for seniors may prove to be a lucrative small business venture. Once you've launched your adult day care enterprise, rely on a range of marketing efforts to attract clients such as talking directly to seniors about your business and building up a vast network of referral sources.

Direct Contact

Visit organizations that cater to seniors in your community -- usually senior centers, churches and activity clubs -- to pass out literature and speak to the participants about your services. Many community senior centers don't provide the kinds of services typically offered by adult day care programs such as health assessments and respite care for family caregivers with relatives who suffer from dementia, Alzheimer’s disease and other debilitating conditions. Contact those seniors and their families directly to let them know about your services.

Doctors’ Offices

One of your main sources for consistent referrals may be health care providers who treat seniors. Meet with geriatric providers in your area to explain the benefits of your day care program. Visit family practices, internal medicine groups and surgical teams to drop off marketing material and meet with staff to pitch your facility. Make connections at hospitals and clinics that treat elderly patients. In such facilities, discharge nurses and social workers usually play a significant role in referring patients to care services.

Open House

Regularly offer free open house days to seniors and their families. Your facility and its staff should be inviting enough so that after spending one day with you, potential clients will be inspired to return. Advertise open house days in your local newspaper and through radio and television ads. Put up flyers in community locations frequented by seniors. Rent a van for the day and offer to pick up potential clients for the open house.


While many seniors are proficient at finding services online, adult children usually do the initial research for a family's care-giver needs. Target this audience with a dynamic website that includes a complete list of your offerings, accessible contact information and your facility's tour times. Open a social networking account. Add, and actively communicate with, caregiver associations, area businesses, banks, attorney’s offices and other agencies that interact with adult children of seniors in your target marketing area.