Attracting the top talent at a recruitment fair takes a little flair and marketing, and setting up a booth to catch a person’s attention as he walks by requires planning. Your booth’s theme, color scheme and promotion products contribute to presenting a professional image.

Providing Information

Recruitment fairs tend to be held in large, open venues, lending themselves to a noisy, chaotic environment in which participants might feel intimidated, nervous or overwhelmed. A business that presents a welcoming message invites participants to stop, ask questions and get more information. Recruiters should be ready to hand out brochures that describe opportunities, such as internships and entry-level positions. This collateral should describe full-time, part-time and temporary jobs. Descriptions must indicate the tasks performed, job location and education level required. A successful recruiter distributes business cards so candidates know whom to contact later on.

Products and Promotional Giveaways

Companies that want to create a brand presence at a recruitment fair distribute products with their logo, such as cups, pens, calendars, bags and flash drives. This generates interest in the business and starts conversations. Recruiters also get people’s attention by displaying popular and innovative company products at the booth, promoting an excitement about the company. You also can give out free samples of inexpensive company products.


Develop a plan and train all booth workers so each recruiter provides a clear, consistent message. Attracting the top talent at recruitment fair involves making a good first impression, and participants appreciate and remember friendly, outgoing personalities. Recruiters can use the job fair as an opportunity to solicit information about participants -- for example, ask people to answer a few questions about their job search, to be eligible for a raffle prize drawing -- so you can tailor communication to them for future events. Additionally, recruiters can offer on-the-spot job interviews to speed up the hiring process.


Displaying video testimonials at a recruitment fair booth attracts attention. Short messages from current employees demonstrate a good working environment and commitment to the community. Show interviews with company executives and prominent customers as well. By limiting running time to five minutes, no one gets bored. Legible displays attract interest, and posters, banners and other props encourage passersby to take a second look. Installing a printer in the booth allows recruiters to give customized materials to candidates. These might include tips on conducting a successful job search, such as writing a killer resume, preparing for an interview and following up afterward.