How to Find People Looking for a Job

by Mary Jane ; Updated September 26, 2017
Unemployed people may post their resume and qualifications in the newspaper.

As an employer, it can be a hassle to post a job position and sort through the many job applications and phone calls. Employers may choose the option of finding people who are unemployed or looking for a new job opportunity. Finding unemployed individuals without posting a job position somewhere can be tricky, as unemployed people tend to spend time applying for job opportunities. But there are some methods employers can use to find unemployed people who are actively looking for a job.

Make an employer profile on major job boards, such as Workopolis or Monster. These job boards allow employers to make profiles and browse through active job searchers and active resumes. As an employer, you can only browse through unemployed individuals who have added their resumes to their profiles. You can use keywords, industries or specific positions to find qualified workers.

Collect all of the local or regional newspapers that have a classified section. Classified sections offer readers the chance to post their qualifications and requests for jobs, just as employers post job positions. Read through the employee postings to locate individuals who are looking for a job.

Find a local unemployed meet-up group (see Reference section). Unemployed meet-up groups are for people who are unemployed and actively looking for a job. These groups allow people to network, discuss, and share tips and connections in hopes of getting secure and permanent employment. To find unemployed people in your area, attend one of these meet-up groups.

Register for and attend an employment or job fair. A job fair is a place where people can meet prospective employers. Despite being a job fair, the employer is not obligated to hire new workers if none are qualified for the job. At the job fair, curious people will approach the company, speak with a representative and learn more about the company in question. These types of events will attract curious applicants, and you can speak with people who are looking for a job.

Start networking with everyone you know. Someone may know someone who may know someone who is currently looking for a job. You can also speak with people who have jobs, as some people may be looking for new opportunities while being employed.

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