When you have a job opening, you want to find the perfect candidate to fill that position. To place a help wanted ad, you should strategically place the ad in the periodical or website most likely viewed by your ideal candidate. Use straight-forward language that will attract the person you want to hire. Place your help wanted ad after you have carefully considered the position you are hiring for and understand the best way to advertise the job.

Determine the job title and your expectations for the position. Look at the current needs of your company and brainstorm all of the duties that you expect the person you are hiring will accomplish. Determine the qualifications that the ideal candidate for your position will possess.

Determine which periodical or website your ideal candidate likely uses to look for jobs. If the ideal candidate lives in your community, place a help wanted ad in your local newspaper. If the ideal candidate possesses skills unique to your industry, advertise on an industry website or trade journal.

Print the job title at the top of the help wanted ad. Most people who are ideal for your job will search the help wanted ads for your specific job title. Listing the position title at the top of the ad also makes it clear which position you are hiring for.

List the duties of the position. Print the job description in a language that is understandable by the candidate you want to attract. List any duties that are necessary for candidates to know.

Type information about the qualifications of your ideal candidate, including education level, length of time in similar positions and any physical or hourly requirements.

Include information about how candidates can apply for the position. This should include your email address, fax number or mailing address, depending on your preferred method of receiving applications. Include any deadlines for the position and information about additional materials, like work samples or references that you request to be submitted.

Submit the ad to the periodicals and websites you want to advertise the position on. To place a help wanted ad in a newspaper, call the newspaper's classified ad office. Read your ad to a representative and supply your credit card information. To place a help wanted ad on a website, type the information for your ad into the online job ad submission form on that site; enter your credit card information and click "Submit."