How to Write a Job Analysis Report

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When looking for a suitable candidate for an open position in your company, it's important that you document the exact skills, traits and qualifications needed to excel in the position by analyzing the job. One common way to document the findings of a job analysis is by writing a formal report. The report will include details about the job, including skills needed, tasks involved and the qualifications needed to complete the job successfully.

Observe an employee in your company who is working in the same or a similar position to the one you wish to fill. Make a note of the most common tasks she completes on a day-to-day basis, how much she interacts with other employees or customers and any specific equipment or computer programs needed for the job.

Contact employers and business owners of other companies who have employees working in similar positions. Ask questions about the skills needed, tasks involved and what they feel the qualifications are of an ideal candidate.

Start the report with an overview of the position. This should include the title, the department, the immediate supervisor and the main responsibilities of the position. You should also include the objective of the position, or the reason why the position is needed in the first place.

List the specific tasks involved in the position, the required equipment, and computer or technical knowledge needed.

Include information about the training that will be required for the position. For example, if the job requires exceptional knowledge of Microsoft Office programs, you need to decide if you're willing to train the new employee or if you'd prefer she already have this knowledge. The information can then be listed as a requirement or as part of the training program for the position.

Add detailed information about how the new employee will relate to other employees and customers. This should include how much employees and customers will rely on the new employee, as well as how the new employee will interact with others in the company and customers.

List any personal requirements you feel are necessary to be successful in the position. For example, a customer service representative will most likely need to be friendly and personable, while it's more important for an editor to be well organized and able to handle multiple projects at once.


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