Determining your objectives for recruiting will help you to enact the most appropriate strategies. Before starting your search, determine whether you truly need the new hire or whether you need to modify the job description. Then screen your potential recruits extremely carefully. However time-consuming the process, it's far less time-consuming and costly than hiring the wrong person for the job.

Finding Skilled Employees

Most obviously, when recruiting new employees, you must aim to find those with particular skills and training. Determine how much education and experience you deem appropriate for the position before starting your search. Consider what combinations of education and experience you'll accept. Determining the specific skills and areas of expertise that new recruits must have will also help your search go more smoothly.

Finding Employees Who Fit Your Culture

Your new recruits must fit into your company's culture. Look for employees you connect with on a personal level. This certainly shouldn't be your only requirement, but it must play a role. Employees who engage well with others will develop your organization's team spirit, instead of detracting from it.

Hiring Particular Demographics

Determine whether you wish to hire employees from a particular demographic, such as women or minorities. Ask yourself if you prefer new college grads or experienced professionals. If you're filling more than one position, consider how many new hires should be from particular demographics. Then advertise in places, websites and publications where people from your chosen demographics are likely to look.

Meeting Your Salary Requirements

When recruiting employees, you must also strive to find those who will accept your salary and benefits package. Seeking overly qualified employees may lead to wasted efforts, as they may try to negotiate a higher salary than you can currently provide. A realistic search for excellent employees with less experience or education will pay off. These employees may also stay with the company longer, growing along with it.

Finding Trustworthy Employees

In your search, you must also aim to find employees with good character. Never sacrifice honesty for talent or experience. Complete a thorough background check on each of the candidates you're seriously considering. Talk with past employers to ensure that the employee has been an honest, hardworking team player at past jobs.

You must also ensure that your recruiting practices are completely legal and fair. Refrain from asking any questions forbidden by law, such as questions about a candidate's religion or marital status, for instance. Consult with a business law attorney to make sure your practices are acceptable under current law.