External recruitment means going outside your business to attract new employees. Relative to promoting internal applicants, external recruitment expands your talent pool, helps ensure you land the most qualified applicant, may breathe fresh life into an organization, pushes current employees to grow and helps with diversity.

Expand Talent Pool

Even when a company has an ample supply of internal candidates, external recruiting naturally opens the door to many more talented people. When you add outside applicants to existing employees, you may receive a larger quantity of applications. More applications means a more scrutinized selection processes, and in theory, a better pool of people to interview.

In industries where a lot of companies compete for a select group of elite professionals, the need for external recruiting is especially important, according to executive search firm Carter Baldwin. In upper-management positions, going outside your company allows you to explore the potential that external candidates have more experience and expertise that can help move your organization forward.

Breathe Fresh Life

Breathing fresh life into an organization is one of the most compelling arguments for external recruiting, according to TribeHR. Over time, the culture and ideas in an organization can become stale. Making external recruiting a consistent HR practice ensures the company routinely brings in people with new ways of doing things. Sticking to core company values is important, but innovation and opportunity-seeking often dictates that you have new employees unbiased by existing approaches to business.

Push Current Employee Development

When you don't do much external recruiting, internal employees may become complacent about growth and development. Knowing that promotions to higher-level positions require commitment to personal growth and development can help light a fire under your current employees. A large pool of candidates that includes outside applicants may compel your employees to take advantage of training, mentoring and coaching opportunities to leverage their internal advantages.

Improve Diversity

As communities become more diverse, companies have to turn to outside candidates to keep up. HR technology company Broadbean noted in a November 2014 article that external recruiting contributes to greater workforce diversity. If a company isn't overly diverse when it launches, ignoring external recruiting minimizes opportunities to bring in people with different age, gender, race, ethnicity and cultural backgrounds prohibits the development of a diverse workplace. In contrast, external recruiting allows you to adapt to the changing demographics of the population around your organization.