LinkedIn and Monster are both popular for business professionals. While the two share many common features, such as allowing users to post resumes and search for jobs, there are key differences. LinkedIn primarily acts as a social networking website for professionals. Monster is more of a job search engine.


Both LinkedIn and Monster allow users to post their resume. LinkedIn profiles display a resume and allow for users to download a PDF with recommendations from other LinkedIn users. The website even allows you to upload a resume to fill in your profile automatically. Monster users can either upload their resume or fill out a form on the website with pertinent information. Multiple resumes can be saved and users can select whether they want the resume searchable by employers.

Both LinkedIn and Monster have job search features. Monster allows you to do a basic search using keywords or an advanced search where you can pin down job title, location, salary range, industry, education level and other information that helps you to find jobs for which you are qualified. LinkedIn has a similar advanced search, but they also offer background on the company with information about its size and employees who have LinkedIn accounts. This allows users to connect with contacts who they may know in the company to potentially get a leg-up on the job or just get inside information about what it is like to work there.


LinkedIn puts a heavy emphasis on building connections with professionals in your industry. You can recommend or receive recommendations from other users, introduce colleagues and build professional relationships. Monster is limited in its networking opportunities. An advice forum exists to get feedback from other users, but unlike LinkedIn it is anonymous -- people use aliases instead of their actual names.


Registering for an account on either LinkedIn or Monster is free. LinkedIn has several tiers of premium membership that allow you to see who has viewed your profile, contact members who are not in your "connections" list directly and see the full profiles of anyone that is in your network, among other features. Monster does not have anything similar, but does offer paid services such as resume writing.