MicroStrategy is business intelligence software used to generate reports and organize information. The software is beneficial to any business that has to evaluate lots of data and needs reports and analysis to make business decisions. The software’s combined abilities are especially good for users like IT workers, who need to work with a wide range of information, according to Business Software.

Multiple Functions

MicroStrategy combines the ability to generate reports and monitor data in real time and the ability to manipulate databases in one package, according to Intelliswift. The software can generate dashboards, scorecards, notifications and enterprise reporting. The broad range of features is beneficial to users since it does not require advanced knowledge of database programming or other complex skills since the software lets users simply point and click to access features. The easy-to-access features make working with different kinds of information more convenient.

MicroStrategy Web

The biggest benefit of the web version of the software is the ability for users to access business information through the online application, according to MicroStrategy. Users can sort through information with a navigation bar to move from folder to folder. The program includes a box to enter keywords, which makes searching a large amount of data easier and is similar to web browsers’ search boxes. The report designer allows users to create custom reports of crucial information.

MicroStrategy Mobile

MicroStrategy’s mobile software offers its users the benefit of compatibility with many well-known mobile devices. MicroStrategy Mobile users can create reports on these mobile devices. The software is compatible with Blackberry phones, Apple iPhones and iPads, according to ECRM Guide. Apple users can download the program as a free app in the iTunes Store and get started learning about the program with the built-in tutorials.

MicroStrategy Office

MicroStrategy Office is the Microsoft Office compatible version of the MicroStrategy software. This version of MicroStrategy is beneficial to Microsoft Office users who want to create and edit MicroStrategy reports within Microsoft programs such as Excel and Word. Once MicroStrategy Office is installed, a link to it will be displayed in the Microsoft Office program’s toolbar.