Data Management Techniques

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Data must always be easily accessible so that employees can work on data at any time and from anywhere. The Internet has been a useful tool in increasing data accessibility. Having data available online to access--when an employee is traveling, for example--is one technique used for managing large amounts of data.

Data Entry

Part of data management techniques occur before the data even enters into the database. The data must be correct upon first entry, which means that the individual originally correcting the data must record the data correctly. For example, when a customer reports an address change via the phone, the customer service representative must hear the customer correctly so that the address is correctly entered into the database. One technique for avoiding error is to repeat the information back to the customer.

Data Backup

Data that is lost can have a detrimental effect on the company by costing the company time as it attempts to replace lost data, according to IBM. Companies often rely on backup methods which store crucial information so that this information can be retrieved in the event that this information is lost.

Data Cleansing

Data cleansing is the act of fixing incorrect data, consolidating data and deleting irrelevant data. Data cleansing uses both automated software programs and manual input from a database administrator. While data cleansing removes errors and can increase company productivity and storage space, the data cleansing process can be expensive and time-consuming.

Replacement Data

Data is sometimes backed up by software, as mentioned previously. When a piece of data is altered for whatever reason and the data stops functioning properly, the data can be replaced by the backup data that worked in the past. Then, the programmers can determine which changes corrupted the data and determine how this data can be better updated in the future.

Customer Data Entry

Companies can set up websites that allow customers to enter data directly. This direct data entry saves the company money by not requiring them to staff an employee to fill out the necessary forms. Customers can also correct data themselves if there is a mistake. However, not all customers are tech-savvy enough to know how to access online databases through the Internet.


Data that is very crucial should always be checked by two pairs of eyes. When one employee edits data, that data should be edited using a different color to denote that the change was made. Then, a second employee can look at the data edit to ensure that there were no errors made.

Data Management Consultants

Many consultant companies specialize in data quality management. These companies examine how a business carries out data management processes and provides recommendations on how these processes can be improved.


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