The Role of IT in CRM

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The role of the Information Technology Department, or IT, has transformed since the start of the 21st century due to growing use of customer relationship management (CRM) business processes.

Changing Role

The scope of the IT department's role in an organization changes significantly when CRM is implemented. In general terms, IT moves from filling an employee-supporting role to fulfilling a customer-supporting or customer-enabling purpose.

Technology Infrastructure

The building up of technology infrastructure has long been a main emphasis of the IT role in a company. With CRM, this role takes on much greater significance as hardware and software solutions for the CRM infrastructure must be identified and incorporated into the day-to-day activities of managing customer relationships.


Data Analysis

IT employees must have an understanding of the company's business mission and goals with CRM to perform one of its most important functions, data analysis. Before marketing can interpret and make use of information gained through CRM, IT employees must perform data mining searches and queries to deliver the raw data most useful to marketing and other leaders of the company's CRM program.



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