Businesses today are quickly converting from a traditional paper filing system to computer-based methods of filing, known as electronic filing systems. The purpose of a filing system is to provide convenience, speed and ease in entering, accessing and retrieving stored information. Several different types of filing systems exist with various purposes.

Disk Filing Systems

Most commonly used for data storage, disk drives can be an attached part of a computer or detached and plugged in to use on any computer. Programs are stored on your computer's disk drive. CDs and DVDs are created using data obtained from disk drives.

Flash File Systems

Flash files are small, usually portable electronic devices that conveniently store huge amounts of media storage. Flash files can be used to transfer data such as documents, photos, videos and music in a matter of seconds. Memory sticks and memory cards are two popular examples of flash files.

Transactional Filing System

Used primarily by banks, the transactional filing system interconnects many computers using one program. Any changes made to this filing system automatically update on all other computers connected to the program. A prime example of a transactional filing system in action is when you are purchasing an item in a store and your credit card is accepted or declined, according to your available balance. When you run your card through this system, it is in communication with all other computers on the same transactional filing system, therefore "knowing" whether your card will cover this balance. When you make your purchase, your credit card balance automatically declines accordingly and the entire system is instantly updated.

Network File System

This type of electronic filing system allows computers on a network to access files from an administrator's computer. For example, a business owner (administrator) may have files on his computer that his client needs to have access to. The administrator can set permissions to allow this particular client access to the network filing system, and now either party can make changes or create additions to files.