How to Use a Rolodex

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Rolodexes, which is a popular brand of rotary card files used to organize contact information, may seems like an office relic in the age of smart phones. But this information is too vital to lose in the event of a computer crash, which is why Rolodexes still have a place on your desk today as a paper backup. Rolodexes organize business cards and contacts alphabetically, getting you access to the information you need quickly.

Purchase a Rolodex card file from a retail or office supply store.

Write the name, address, telephone number, cell phone number, email address and other information of each business contact on a separate card. Or, if you have the person's business card, staple it to one of the blank cards.


Arrange the cards alphabetically in your file. For example, place of the cards of people and businesses that start with the letter "A" in "A" section of the Rolodex.


Periodically update your Rolodex by removing cards with outdated information. The cards slip out of the Rolodex for easy removal and replacement.



  • Visit an online office supply store to purchase a Rolodex card file.



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