Post mail is a rarity these days, but many people still relish opening mail that is something other than bills. Cards and invitations are items that people love to receive. However, if you have taken the trouble of selecting the perfect card for the occasion and crafting a heartfelt message, it’s also important to focus on presentation. If you put the card into the envelope the wrong way, it takes away from the special moment of opening it.

The Proper Way to Put a Card in an Envelope

While many people put cards into envelopes without thinking of the proper way to do so, there is a right way and a wrong way. The best way to insert a card into an envelope is with the front of the card facing the back of the envelope. The front of the card shows the main graphic and title message. On the other side of the card is where you’ll find the barcode and price of the card.

It’s best to face the front of the card toward the back flap of the envelope so that when the envelope is opened, the receiver will immediately be able to see the beautiful graphic and text. This provides a much more festive experience than opening the envelope and looking at the barcode. This method also immediately lets the receiver know what is in the envelope without taking out the item.

The Importance of Following Envelope Etiquette

The rules of placing the card in the envelope have some strategy behind them. When a card is put in the envelope facing up, then the folded edge of the card goes down toward the bottom of the envelope. This ensures that if the receiver uses a letter opener to open the envelope, the card won't be sliced in two.

In addition, if there is anything placed inside the card such as money, gift cards or photographs, they will not fall out of the envelope when the card is removed. When the folded edge of the card is down within the envelope, then the items inside the card will be lifted out together with it. This ensures that you don’t lose any valuable items like cash when you throw away the envelope.

If there is a birthday envelope message, for example, the receiver may anticipate getting cash inside the card from the loved one. However, if the money has fallen out into the envelope when removing the card, then the receiver may not know that it’s there at all.

Placing Other Items in Envelopes

Keep in mind that the rule for the proper way to place a card in an envelope also applies to invitations. A business invitation, for example, should also be placed with the front of the invite toward the back flap of the envelope. This way, receivers will immediately know what the item in the envelope is when it is opened.

The proper way to insert an invitation in an envelope also ensures that items like RSVP cards don’t get lost or fall out. As a result, the sender can make sure the guests respond to the invitation.

When placing letters in envelopes, be sure to fold the letter face up into thirds so it fits into a standard envelope. Begin at the bottom and fold the bottom third and then fold it over again until it is neatly compact into a third of the size. Place the letter in the envelope so that the back side of the top third of the letter is the first thing the recipient sees when it is opened. This makes it easy for receivers to remove and read the letter without struggling to get it out of the envelope and tearing it in the process.