Reading UPS packing slips might seem frustrating, especially with the amount of information that is typed onto the slip. However, most of the information on the slip contains information that is recognizable and familiar to just about anyone who reads it. With the amount of packages that are shipped out through the UPS daily, the packing slip has to be clear enough so that when a deliverer looks at the package, he can see in one glance where it is going.

Buyer and Seller Information

The "Sold to" section of the packing slip shows the purchaser's information, name, address, phone number and an email address. This section can be located at the top left hand corner of the slip or label, from the reader's point of view.

The "Ship to" section of the slip will show the receiver's information. This is basically where and who the package is being shipped to and can be seen in the top middle section of the slip or label. This information contains the person and/or company name and address, phone number and any additional comments that need to be followed to assist with the shipping method. For example, if the package was going to an apartment complex, the purchaser can leave instructions for the delivery person to leave the package at the main office if the receiver of the package is not home.

Bar Code and Shipping Method

In the middle of the slip or label is a bar code. This bar code is used by the UPS delivery people to scan and track the package. This bar code also is used to trace and track the progress of the package through the shipping system and to ensure the package is delivered on time and to the correct destination.

In the next section under the bar code there will be an indication of how the package is to be shipped. For example there will be "UPS Ground" printed on bold print. This assists any the delivery people with handling procedures. For example, if the package is computer software, the package may need to be placed in an area of warmer temperature to prevent damage.

Tracking Number and Bar Codes

Under the shipping method verbiage, the tracking number can be found. This tracking number allows for both the customer receiving the package and the shipper to track their package and get updates on when they can expect the package to be delivered. UPS customer service will also need the barcode if the seller or customer needs to report an issue.

Directly under the tracking number section, there will be a larger bar code printed. This bar code is the tracking number bar code. For example, if the package was shipped to another UPS delivery point, they would scan this bar code to update the location and time it stopped at that location.

UPS Billing P/P or COD

The final section at the bottom of the packing slip or label will be a section for billing information. Usually if the shipping has already been paid for through the shipper, then it will have a printed, "P/P," meaning person to person. If the package was shipped in a manner for which the person receiving the package needs to pay for shipping, then there will be instructions for the delivery person to collect payment upon delivery (COD) printed in this section.