How to Address a Package Just Like an Envelope

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If you never sent out a package before, filling out the address can seem like a stressful ordeal. Whether you are shipping an item to a friend of the family or sending a purchase to a customer, addressing the package accurately is a way to ensure the package will reach its destination without any problems. A package is much larger than an envelope, however the addressing structure can be written in the exact same format.

Position the box on a flat surface with the top side facing upward. If the package is a cardboard box, allow the taped tab lines to run horizontally.

Write "From" on the top left-hand corner of the package top with a permanent marker. Write the sender's address on three separate lines. The name should be next to "From," the number and street address should be on the line directly below the name line. Write the city, state and zip code directly below the address line.

Write "To" directly under the tape line in the center of the box. Write the name of the individual or company receiving the package directly to the right of "To" and write the number and street address directly below the top line. Write the city, state and zip code directly below the address line. If your package is not taped on the top side, begin the recipient address directly in the center of the top surface.


  • The address should be legible from at least one arm's length away.


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