How to Import Label Files for DYMO Printers

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DYMO provides label interface software for some of its label makers. The software allows you to control certain label makers from a Windows PC. Capabilities include label creation, editing, custom label features and printing. The current software version is 8.2.2. Label files with the extension “.lwl” created in earlier versions, like version 7, can be imported and used in the latest version. However, “.d1l” label files cannot be imported. Importing label files for DYMO printers can be done in a few simple steps.

Download the latest software from the DYMO website (see below) and install the software on your PC. Follow the prompts to complete installation.

Follow the first-run wizard that locates your Version 7 files, such as preferences and address book. Label file folder settings are imported as a part of this wizard.


Open a label file in the new version of the software. The File Open dialog box points to your old Version 7 label files folder. You will be able to open and work with any “.lwl” file. The Version 7 files will have been imported into Version 8.2.2.




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