A business profile, also called a company profile or business introduction is written in a narrative form that outlines the key elements regarding the specific business. Although the business profile serves a purpose similar to a resume of the company, it appears more like a summary.

Profile Uses

A business profile provides the public with basic information about the business, and highlights its strengths in the marketplace. The profile is used as one part of a business plan, and can appear on the company website and other marketing literature, and is included in bid or proposal packages. The business profile is also a useful part of a public relations (PR) kit for circulation to the media.

Technical Format

There is no one, single format recommended for use with a business profile. There are however a number of similarities among recommendations. The business profile can be tailored to the industry, size of company and intended purpose of the profile.

Key Information

The business profile includes the legal name of the corporate entity, and full physical address information. The market and industry are mentioned along with the history the company has had in this field. If it is a new company, the experience of key personnel in the industry are highlighted. The profile may mention the number of employees and mention some corporate financial information. Industry certifications and success stories help solidify information regarding the company's abilities.