LinkedIn enables businesses to create a profile page and share product, service and job opportunity information. Changes at your company may make your LinkedIn profile obsolete, and you may choose to delete the company profile instead of editing the page to update the profile. LinkedIn does not allow for the deletion of companies from the website; a company page administrator must contact LinkedIn in order to remove the profile page. You can only remove a company profile if five or fewer employees are associated with the company.

Log in to your LinkedIn account and navigate to the company page. Note of the number of employees who have associated their profile with your company. You are unable to delete the company page if more than five people are associated with the page.

Contact current and former employees and request that they remove the company from their profile, if the employee number is more than five. If the company page has a number of employees who no longer work at the company or who have never worked at the company, contact LinkedIn to have the names removed. You need to include the full name of the person, the URL of the person's LinkedIn profile, and a reason why you want the name removed. Use the LinkedIn contact form for removing members (link located in Resources).

Contact LinkedIn using the Company Page Removal Request form (link located in Resources), and include the exact name of the company, the company's LinkedIn URL, and the reason for removing the site. The company page is removed once LinkedIn reviews and approves your request.


You can make edits to your current company page, such as the name of the company, instead of deleting the page and starting a new company page. To make edits, navigate to the company page, click "Edit," make your changes, and click "Publish."

The company name and email domain are not available for use after deleting the company until you contact LinkedIn and have the company reinstated.