Finding a corporation’s address is often as straightforward as calling the company or checking its “Contact Us” page on its website. Sometimes, however, the contact information is difficult to locate. You can search for the company’s address using a variety of resources on the Internet and offline. Most of these services are free to use but some require a small fee.

Check the "Contact Us" page on the corporation's website. If the address is not listed here, you might find it elsewhere on the site. Check the “About,” “Terms and Conditions” and “Investor Relations” pages. Also, some corporations place their contact information at the bottom of every page on the website.

Search for the corporation’s address in its SEC filings. All companies must submit registration statements and reports to the Securities Exchange Commission periodically. The companies must include their physical address and other contact information in these documents. This information is stored in the SEC’s EDGAR database, which is accessible online through the agency’s website.

Search the Better Business Bureau’s records for information on the corporation. The BBB maintains a database of company reviews in a searchable database that you can access online. Each review includes the company’s addresses.

Check the business records maintained at the office of the secretary of state, if you know the state in which the corporation is based. Companies must register with this office before they can begin business operations. Some state offices provide access to the business records online. If you reside in the state where the corporation is based, you can visit the secretary of state office to search the records in person, though you might have to pay a small fee.

Check for the corporation’s address on the websites of its subsidiary companies. Some subsidiaries list the parent company's contact information on the “About” page or “Contact Us” page.

Look up the corporation’s information in business and people search directories on the Internet. These include websites such as Zoominfo, and Most of these websites provide free information.