How to Find the EIN for an LLC in Michigan

by Dora Diamond ; Updated September 26, 2017
Employer identification numbers have nine digits.

An employer identification number (EIN), used to identify a business, is also called a federal tax identification number (FTIN). You can call the owner of a Limited Liability Company (LLC) in Michigan to find out what the LLC's EIN is, or do research on online sources. If you are unsuccessful using free resources, you can pay for a search service.

Call the company. Ask for its federal employer identification number. Most companies will want to verify that you have a legitimate need to obtain the number.

Search for Uniform Commercial Code filings online. Go online to It will be more difficult to obtain an EIN for an organization that does not have any UCC filings.

Use an Internet search service. With, for example, you provide the name of the company and the company's last known address. If Iinfosearch finds a record, you pay $40. If no record is found, Iinfosearch will return all but a $10 search fee. Another search site,, provides a free trial so you can test its services. (For website addresses, see Resources.)

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