From delivering holiday cards to marketing for business, there are a variety of reasons that you may be interested in finding out how many employees work at a specific company. Some corporations may reveal this information without reservation, while others will have a policy in place stating that the details can’t be disclosed. If the information is not easily divulged, there are other ways to go about obtaining the results.

Review the company’s website. Oftentimes the website of a company will show the number of employees working within the business. Looking under the “about us” page will likely unveil your answer. You may have to do some adding, if there are multiple locations and you are looking for the overall number.

Call the company. If you have a good reason for needing the employee headcount, you can phone the business and ask to speak with the human resources department. Explain that you are looking for an overall figure, not detailed information about employees, which could seem suspicious. You could also ask for a company annual report to be faxed or emailed to you, depending on the specific company’s policies.

Speak to an employee of the company. If you happen to know or have a way to contact an individual who works for the business, have her get a headcount for you. If you know someone working for a competitor, or someone who visits the company on a regular basis--like the UPS driver, ask him to gather the details.

Make a personal observation. If the company is small and in your area, and you are only in need of a general number, you could observe the number of employees walking in and out of the specific office building during opening and closing business hours.

Search a corporate online database. Companies such as Hoovers, Inc. keep an updated record of a variety of businesses both small and large. Simply enter the name of the business you are researching, and verify the correct location. The results of the search will reveal the company contact information, along with how many employees are working at the particular business.

Another option is to check with your local chamber of commerce. Chamber of commerce offices connect the community with businesses and organizations in the area. When a business applies for a membership with its city or county's COC, such as the Greater Southwest Houston Chamber of Commerce, they are typically required to complete an application which identifies the number of employees working there.

Use social media. Many companies today are staying current with trends, and adding their business profiles to social media sites like Linkedin and Facebook. After you search for a company name, results will be displayed with contact information and oftentimes the number of employees at each company.


For the most accurate information, speak directly to the human resources department.


Don't act suspiciously about collecting data, or companies may withhold the information.