How to Bid for Software Projects

by Mary Jane; Updated September 26, 2017

People who work as a software freelancers need to bid on projects as requested by the client. People bid on projects to show their abilities to get the software project done in time in an effective and professional manner. But winning a software project is difficult, as there can be hundreds of bids placed on a single software project. You need to create a bid that stands out from the rest.

Step 1

Write a profile about you as a software developer. This is where you sell yourself as a qualified and well-educated software worker. Include technical degrees, designing diplomas, programming certifications, software relevant work experience, a full resume outlining your software experience and any other major achievements you have completed within the software industry. Include industry and field lingo, such as HTML, CSS and XHTML.

Step 2

Collect your best software work in a portfolio. You need to supply your portfolio when you bid on a software project, so the client can see your abilities and previous work. Examples of software work to include in your portfolio are programming projects, website designs, software reporting and software troubleshooting. Show different aspects of your abilities, so the client does not get the impression you can only do one or two things.

Step 3

Include any letters of recommendations and achievements that have come with the projects used in the portfolio. If possible, ask previous clients to place emphasis on specific software abilities, such as troubleshooting, programming or overall designing.

Step 4

Make a realistic bid for the given software project. While some clients already have an hourly price set, others ask for the software freelancer to set the price. If the price is set, you are asked to choose the amount of hours you can do the project. Make a realistic guess, but do not undersell yourself.

Step 5

If the client asks bidders to set the price, Make an estimate of how many hours it will take you, how much it will cost you and how much of a profit you would want. If in doubt, give yourself approximately 15 percent in profits. You need to include hours of planning, designing, programming and testing, if applicable. Outline your list of duties when suggesting the price for the client, so he is aware of how the money and time is spent.

Step 6

Create a sample software project for this particular project to show what you can do. For example, if the project is for a website design with HTML and CSS programming, show various examples of the overall website design and include screen prints of the coding to show the client how you have completed the look.

Step 7

Submit your bid for the software project and await an answer. When submitting, include all of the relevant information gathered in the previous steps and include a list of places or methods that the client can reach you, should you be chosen for an interview. This can be email, instant messenger, chat, phone number or other types of messengers. Provide the client with several options.

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