Selling nursing uniforms, sometimes referred to as scrubs, gives you a way to build a business and be your own boss. You also get to work with medical professionals who need the clothing you sell as part of their job. Finding ways to market your uniforms is key to success, as the market features significant competition. Use a variety of marketing tactics to stand out from the crowd.

Sell Online

Selling nursing uniforms online requires building an e-commerce website that makes medical professionals feel confident their order will arrive as promised. To gain your customers' trust, make your return policy obvious so buyers aren’t afraid to order from you. For ease of ordering, break your site down into separate pages for men and women. Highlight new arrivals. Offer clearance uniforms or accessories to appeal to those who like sales. Offer add-on accessories to boost your sales. Provide styling tips, such as determining size. Explain the features, such as multiple pockets or extra long uniforms for tall customers. Describe the material the uniforms are made from and how the clothing stands up to repeated washing.

Direct Sales

Look for hospitals, medical offices, home healthcare agencies and nursing homes that buy and provide uniforms for their staff. Talk to nursing schools and offer your uniforms at a discount to show your company understands the tight budget students are on. Since you’ll sell directly to the students, you’ll pick up long-term customers who need uniforms once they enter the job market, too. Mail or hand out fliers or brochures that show pricing, available sizes, images of the uniforms you offer and how to order. Bring samples of the uniforms to show the styles you offer or the patterns available. If the provider does not buy uniforms for their staff, ask the office manager or receptionist to share your flier with employees so they can purchase their own scrubs.

Customize Uniforms

Offer to customize uniforms for medical offices and healthcare facilities with embroidery services. The selling points of customizing the uniforms include helping the facility build their brand, since each time the patient sees the medical facility’s name on the nurse’s uniform, it helps to build familiarity. You can also build a relationship with a custom embroiderer who’s willing to personalize the uniforms you sell. Offer this option on your website to stand out from competitors who do not offer this customization on their scrubs.


List your website with online directories that cater to nurses, including major search engine directories. Since your listing appears on the same page as your competitors, find a way to make your listing stand out. For instance, highlight the fact that you carry larger sizes, new styles or accessories. Mention any styling tips or assistance you provide to draw attention to your site.