It is not uncommon for women to want to host their own no-boys-allowed meetings. A ladies' meeting gives women the chance to come together and discuss female-related issues that pertain to the work environment, spirituality or other types of themes. Skits serve as an engaging and enlightening activity for women to participate in during ladies' conferences, so come up with skit ideas that will keep your group entertained.

Sexual Harassment Skits

Sexual harassment skits are popular activities in business meetings. Employers have an objective to keep their staff protected from unwanted inappropriate behaviors, and skits serve as an effective way to teach women how to respond in tough situations with coworkers or clients. If you want to conduct a sexual harassment skit for your group of ladies, pair off the women in the room to teams of two. Assign one of the women to play the perpetrator and the other women to play the victim of sexual harassment. Each woman has a script to follow that educates them on how to handle a sexual harassment scenario. After running through the skit once, instruct the women to switch roles so that each person has a chance to play the perpetrator and the victim.

Ethical Skits

Skits are an effective way to train employees about ethical issues in the workplace. In your women's meeting, perform a variety of skits that touch on different ethical issues that could realistically occur in the business environment. If you are conducting a business meeting for women in the health care industry, one skit idea is to focus on the issue of patient confidentiality or stealing prescription medications from the sample closet. For each ethical issue that you wish to expose, perform one skit where the characters are making unethical choices, followed by a skit where the characters make the ethical choices. Hold a discussion after the skits are performed to give ladies the chance to talk about what the characters did right or wrong.

Customer Service Training Skits

If you are hosting a customer service training seminar for the women in your organization, consider using skits as a way of allowing the ladies to role play and get a sense of how to properly handle a customer service situation. Customer service skits are staged so that one person plays the customer and the other person plays the customer service worker. Skits should be informative so that women learn about the dos and don'ts of customer service, as well as how to handle situations appropriately. For example, one skit idea is to have a scenario where the customer wishes to return a product that has already been used, or a scene where an angry customer calls the customer service representative to complain about false advertising.

Skits of Encouragement

Not all ladies meetings are business related. Sometimes women hold female conferences that pertain to spirituality or relationships. For this type of a meeting, come up with skits of encouragement for women, skits that show women how to have courage and faith and how to take a stand for what they want. Some skit ideas include scenes about women dealing with the loss of a loved one, skits about recovering from an abusive relationship or skits about restoring faith in a particular religion. Spiritual skits may be taken directly from the Bible or other reference.