How to Give a Creative Self-introduction

by M.T. Wroblewski; Updated September 26, 2017
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It should be one of the easiest things in the world for people to do, and yet most struggle with it constantly: the art of the introduction. Especially in business settings, it’s important to introduce yourself in a creative, memorable way to distinguish yourself from the crowd. After all, anybody can stand up and announce their name, business title and job responsibilities. (Translation: boring, yawn, boring.) Since being pithy and witty doesn’t always come easily, size up your peers and try one of these creative introductions to untie your tongue and separate yourself from the rest.

Step 1

Write your first or last name vertically on a piece of paper. Use each letter as the first letter in an adjective that describes you. So if your name is Tom, you might say you are “tenacious,” “optimistic” and “misconstrued.”

Step 2

Freely admit that you don’t like talking about yourself. Then say that you will do so in the words of your “best and worst critic” -- your mother. By breaking the ice in this way, you can proceed in either a humorous or serious fashion.

Step 3

Invoke the surprise factor -- sometimes known as the shock factor. This introduction requires you to be somewhat self-aware, for if you knowingly present a conservative image, you might surprise people by telling them that, for example, you used to race cars or lived for one summer in a tent. Bring the introduction “around the bend” by explaining how the experience influenced who you are now.

Step 4

Describe what kind of tattoo you would like and why. Or if you already have one, you may wish to keep this information private. Since purchases inherently reveal something about your personality, you may opt instead to describe what kind of vehicle you would purchase if the owner of a dealership walked in and handed you a gift certificate for a new one.

Step 5

Introduce yourself silently, by drawing a picture of yourself on a large sheet of paper. It makes no difference if you possess artistic abilities. In fact, in some groups, it may be better if you don’t. Put a title atop your drawing, if you like, such as, “Hello! This is me.”

Step 6

Rely on the genie or magic wand technique of breaking the ice by explaining three things you would change about your work life, if a genie were to grant you three wishes on the spot.

Step 7

Turn the traditional introduction upside down by describing yourself in exactly opposite terms of who you are. Have fun with this “back door approach,” and keep people guessing just how much you are exaggerating. For example: “I am probably the biggest slacker you will ever meet, and don’t bother calling me tomorrow, because I will be hiding in a closet, sending text messages to my girlfriend, while I drink a Bud Light on the job.”

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