Staff conferences provide an ideal opportunity to address workplace issues your employees may otherwise cast aside. A themed conference that addresses one issue in particular provides the opportunity to bring up issues such as team building or diversity appreciation, or simply to prompt staff to think about revenue-building concepts such as "evolution through innovation."

Team Building

Use the annual staff conference as an opportunity to build team spirit and camaraderie. Ask staff members to play team-building games such as a scavenger hunt or a trust game, wherein employees split into pairs and direct a blindfolded partner through an obstacle course. Conclude the activities by asking staff members to write down 10 characteristics they like about their team and whether their opinions about their colleagues have changed throughout the course of the conference.

Appreciating Diversity

Focus conference discussions on the subject of appreciating diversity with the aim of encouraging a workplace environment where all cultures and backgrounds can thrive. Feature a mixture of speakers from different cultural backgrounds as well as presentations and participant involvement.

Staff Award Ceremony

Use the conference as an excuse for management to appreciate overworked and frazzled staff members. Host a staff award ceremony with serious awards for "best employee," "best negotiator" or "best computer buff." Alternatively, host a fun morale-boosting award ceremony so each staff member receives an award -- be it for "best dressed" or simply "funniest guy in the office."

Evolution Through Innovation

If your budget allows, hire an inspirational speaker to encourage employees to apply personal innovation in their daily work practice. Innovative staff will think creatively and go beyond the expected to achieve the best business results and bolster company revenue.

Delight The Customer

Focus on conference themes that encourage your staff to think of innovative ideas to thrill the customer. Themes can range from regular routines that show appreciation, such as a free gift to reward loyalty, to a customer party to give thanks to important clients. Staff who remember the importance of the customer will go the extra mile to ensure that all-important customer satisfaction.