The concept of teamwork sometimes runs the risk of becoming a cliche -- until the concept converges with reality. When you depend on your staff to function as a team, writing a motivating letter could help set the right tone for an upcoming staff project, a new initiative or a workplace disruption. By laying out your expectations and rallying your staff to work together, you can provide meaning and substance to the concept of teamwork.

Begin your letter with a quotation that reflects your management style. Choose a spirited, earthy quote if you’re a gruff, no-nonsense type; choose a more poetic quotation if you’re a soft-spoken operator. Scan websites for a poignant quotation that “speaks to you” -- and will in turn speak to your staff.

Create a connection between the quotation and the fundamental point of your letter. For example, if you have found a sports-related quotation about the importance of “pulling together,” segue to the purpose of your letter, which might be to call on your staff to pull together during an upcoming remodeling project that is bound to create some disruptions in the workplace.

Provide an overview and background about the challenge at hand. Be specific in terms of what employees can expect -- in this example, include when the project will begin and exactly what type of disruptions employees should expect. Anticipate your staff’s questions to the best of your ability. End this paragraph by summarizing how the project will empower your team to provide even better service.

Assure your staff that you, as the leader of the team, have done all you can to mitigate disruptions so that their workday proceeds in a smooth and orderly manner. Encourage staff members to visit you in person if they have questions or concerns.

Encourage staff members to look out for each other and lend a hand when conditions warrant and when they are not asked to do so -- the essence of teamwork. You might say, for example, “As much as we’ve tried to anticipate every possible inconvenience, there almost certainly will be times when we must go out of our way. In big ways and small ways, I know you will make me proud as a vital member of our team.”


Edit your letter carefully before circulating it. A letter that teems with errors might undermine your team-building efforts.

You can extend a token of your appreciation by hosting an employee appreciation luncheon or an after-work pizza party. Sometimes, teams solidify by getting to know each other outside of the confines of the workplace.