A new employee memo serves to notify staff in your organization about a newcomer. Send such a memo several days in advance of the new employee’s arrival, and offer sufficient information to prepare staff to welcome the new person and assist his smooth integration into the company. The memo can be sent via email or as a hard copy.

Address the memo to all staff members in your organization. Even personnel who will not be working directly with the person should be told about the new hire.

Introduce the employee by name and indicated his starting date. Include some background information, such as where the person worked previously and in what capacity. If the person is making a geographical move to take the job, it can be helpful to note this, as well.

Describe the job title and responsibilities that this person will assume. If the person is replacing someone who left, name the position that is being filled. If it is a new position, briefly explain the rationale and/or process that created the position. Include the person’s job contact information such as a phone extension and email address.

Name the person who will be assisting with the new employee’s orientation. Depending on the organization, this role might be called mentor or buddy. Encourage staff to assist the person in getting acquainted with procedures, facilities and equipment.

Invite staff members to attend a formal welcome meeting for the new employee if one is planned. Alternatively, encourage employees to introduce themselves shortly after the person’s arrival on the job.