An organizational flow chart is something a business creates, in the form of a diagram to illustrate how the company’s personnel are structured.


These flow charts are used to understand how employees fit into the work process. They also help understand the flow of information and help employees understand where they fit in the scheme of things. They are also used to find potential problems and make changes accordingly to promote improved performance in the organization.


An organizational flow chart is diagrammed using either a horizontal or vertical tree that represents each job in the organization. It shows the relationships between job positions and illustrates the structure of all the jobs by rank. A typical organizational flow chart looks similar to a pyramid.


These flow charts are typically set up in hierarchical order with the highest employee at the top of the chart,; which is generally the president or chief executive officer. From there, the next employees in rank are listed, and so on. Each employee is listed in a rectangle box and lines are drawn connecting the employees.