A company organizational chart is much like a family tree for businesses. It shows the different departments and executive levels of how the company is organized. Business organizational trees are a great way to show the chain of command in the company, and also to reflect on the founders of the business and how it has grown over time. These charts can be made easily on your computer, using one of many software programs available on the market today.

Use Microsoft Powerpoint to make a company organizational chart. Simply open a new blank presentation, and insert an “Organizational Chart,” found in the “Insert” menu under “Picture.” Click in the boxes to add the names of each member or department in your organization. To add another box, click on an existing box, and click “Insert Shape,” on the Organization Chart menu. Save your chart and present it on a large screen to your company, or save it as a .jpeg file to distribute digitally, or print it to distribute hard copies.

Create a company tree in Microsoft Word. Insert an organizational chart through the “Insert” menu under “Picture.” Write the names of employees or departments in each box. Add sub categories to each shape by adding another shape, then clicking the “Subordinate” button. Continue to add branches of your chart until you have covered everyone in the organization.

Use Microsoft Excel to create a company organization tree. Click on the “Insert” button and choose the “Diagram” option. A gallery will appear with diagram options; select “Organizational Chart.” Another window will appear in which you can list the names of the members of your organization. Use the menu at the top of the screen to add coworkers, subordinates, managers and assistants as needed.