Introducing a manager is an important time for creating first impressions, providing your employees with practical information about their future responsibilities toward her and creating a non-threatening and productive environment for people to ask questions and get better acquainted. The introduction will also provide an opportunity for the new manager to introduce herself personally, enabling her team to get a firsthand preview of her personality and potential managerial approach.

Call a meeting for the employees who will be working with the new manager and other managerial-level staff who may have a relevant interest in meeting the new team member. The meeting doesn’t need to be too long, but should leave enough room for the new manager to speak freely without being conscious of rushing himself.

Acknowledge the skills of the new manager during her introduction. New managers may be resistant to talk about past experience and professional qualifications, as this may not seem modest. Therefore, this should be done by another senior member of the company.

Compliment the current employees on their performance so far. This will help create positivity and help alleviate concerns that the new manager has been hired specifically to make dramatic changes or criticise existing practices.

Give the new manager an opportunity to make a few brief remarks to the employees. This will be the first impression that the new manager will make and his opportunity to introduce himself in his own words.

Take the new manager on a brief tour of the office environment, personally introducing her one-on-one to employees within her team. This will enable initial discussions to take place and allow working relationships to begin forming immediately.