The addition of a new member to an established work team can add energy and increase production. On the other hand, without an effective introduction, the presence of a new person can be disruptive and time consuming. The way to ensure quick success in bringing a new person on board is by careful mentoring him. Effective mentoring involves enlightenment, engagement and encouragement.

History Lesson

Start your mentoring program by giving the new employee a rundown of the company's history, vision and identity. You want your new team member to understand the basic philosophy behind your enterprise so she will appreciate all that went into its creation. Invite other team members to share their experiences and personal histories with the business. This is not only encouraging to the new person but strengthens every member's bond with the company.


Everyone needs to take part in the orientation of a new member. Ask each of your staff to make a personal introduction to the individual. While certain people will be more likely to get to know the new worker better than others due to similar job roles, it is important that each staff member takes the opportunity to engage. Specific mentors to the individual will help ensure he adjusts to the team as a whole.

Protocol Training

Perhaps the most pressing issue on your newest team member's mind is learning the job itself. Mentoring is important because it gives the employee instruction and demonstrates company protocols. A good mentor will impress upon the new member that he is essential to the workings of the entire company. While the mentor should be always available to help out, he should resist the urge to do the new employee's work for him. Hands-on experience is also an important part of the training process.


Mentoring involves giving constructive feedback to the new employee. Gentle corrections given in a positive light will help employees improve without feeling threatened or overwhelmed. Let the employee know that the team understands mistakes will be made and will be there to support her in solving issues and progressing professionally.

Provide Opportunities

The most empowering move mentoring can accomplish is to provide immediate opportunities for the aspiring team member. Make him a true part of the group by asking him for his ideas regarding projects. Assign him to a leadership role in a particular aspect of an endeavor in which he can prove his talents and abilities. CBS Money Watch advises getting new members to teach the rest of the crew something he learned in his last job.