The first several years of a company's life are often tumultuous and full of under certainty and change. While successfully reaching the 10-year anniversary mark does not mean that a company is completely safe from future trouble, it does indicate the transition for a youthful start-up to a proven company with a track record. If your company is planning their tenth anniversary celebration, consider some team-building and motivational activities for your staff to not only celebrate the event but also prepare for future success.

Logo Development


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The celebration of a corporate anniversary provides the perfect opportunity to engage in the designing of a new logo. If your company already has a logo, dust it off and breathe some new life into it. If you don't have one, develop something completely new. Instead of leaving the task solely up to the graphics department, allow employees to join in the fun and submit potential logo designs. Hold a competition, and offer a desirable prize, such as paid time off, for the employee who crafts the winning design. Hold an unveiling ceremony to announce and celebrate the new logo.

Wall of History


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Reflect upon the company history as you celebrate your tenth anniversary by creating a wall of history. Gather together photos of employees and the company workplace spanning the years. Ask employees to contribute their personal pictures to the project. Designate a large wall as the “Wall of History.” Frame the contributed photos, and place them on the wall. Hold a party on the day that you reveal the wall, allowing all workers to join together in reflecting upon the past.

Legacy Project

Give back to your community by completing a company legacy project to commemorate your company's anniversary. Select a worthy activity, such as planting trees or beautifying a park area, and enlist staff in the event. After completing the decided upon task, place a plaque at the area that you worked to improve explaining that your company played a part in the beautification, and that you did so as a part of your tenth anniversary celebration. The improvement that you and your workers created will last for quite some time, and the plaque will stand as a reminder, creating a legacy of giving back.

Field Day


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Allow your employees to cut loose on your anniversary by organizing a field day. To celebrate this event, rent out a shelter house, cook up some burgers and hot dogs and plan an array of classic games. Divide employees into teams, and allow them to compete against each other as they break free from the daily grind and celebrate the company's past success while energizing themselves for the future.