There are many team building activities that organizations can put together for their employees. Some activities are work related and others have nothing to do with the work place. Team building activities help employees work together and achieve common goals.

Line Up

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One team building activity calls for a group of employees to line up according to the month they were born. The employees born in January should line up first and February next and so on. Employees must complete the activity without speaking to each other.

Scavenger Hunt

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Employees can go on a scavenger hunt through the office. The idea is to search for a list of unusual items scattered throughout the office or an entire building. For example, four groups, with five employees in each group, are given different lists and the first team to finish wins.

Cost Cutting

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A team of employees can come together and try to come up with a method for cutting costs within a certain department.

Office Party Theme

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Employees can brainstorm and come up with a theme for the office party. Two or three groups can present their plan to the entire company who will in turn vote to see which idea is the best.

Corporate Challenge

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A company can sponsor a corporate challenge activity. This allows an organization to compete with other companies or organizations, which are similar in size, in sports activities.