Powerpoint is a software program for computers that is typically used for presentations. Game playing is not its primary function. It can be used for games and team-building activities though, with a little bit of creativity added in by the team leader or manager. Powerpoint games can be played at team meetings as part of an ice-breaker for a meeting, or an afternoon of team-building activities.

Trivia Contest

Create a trivia contest using a Powerpoint presentation. Present a list of questions on Powerpoint slides, with different point values for each question. Divide the group into several small teams and give the teams two minutes to discuss the answer among members before submitting a written answer to the question. Award points to the teams that answer correctly and then move on to the next slide. The team that earns the most points wins the contest.

How Well Do You Know Your Coworkers?

Ask each employee to create a Powerpoint slide describing himself. Each slide can include information such as hobbies, interests, number of family members and other information without revealing the employee's name. The slide can include fun facts about the employee, and areas she used to live, but should not include his current home location as that might give away the answer. Number the slides and display them to the group on the Powerpoint presentation. Each employee fills out the name of the employees she thinks each slide describes on a sheet of paper. The employee with the most correct answers wins the game.

'I Have Never' Game

Ask each employee on your team to submit a statement about an activity that he has never done but thinks coworkers may have done. The manager then puts these activities on individual slides in a Powerpoint presentation in random order. Each member of the team starts the activity standing up. As the slides are revealed, any team member that participated in the activity listed must sit down. If someone is remaining standing and a team member knows that person did what was on the slide, she may question her teammate, as team members must be honest in the game. The game continues with each slide revealed, until only one remains standing. If the game ends and you have additional slides, play again with those that participated in the activity returning to their feet. The last person to stand is the winner of that round.