Team-Building Activities About Integrity

by Laura Wallace Henderson; Updated September 26, 2017
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Teamwork provides an essential element in successful businesses, community organizations, schools and governments. While teachers encourage students to work together as a team to encourage a peaceful learning environment, business managers use teamwork as a method to increase a company’s profit margin. Certain team-building activities help to encourage the development and practice of integrity and honesty. These group activities can raise the level of trust between employees and supervisors, creating an environment that supports the growth of character and reliability.

Honest Abe Award

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Develop an honesty award to acknowledge integrity in each individual. Make this a team activity by encouraging each member of your group to submit a name for the daily, weekly or monthly winner of the award. Have them consider their peer’s actions and write a couple of sentences about why they chose this individual to win the award. This helps your group realize that others can watch and learn from their positive actions. Provide the winners with an award suitable for your organization, such as gift certificates to a theater, restaurant or store. Use a bulletin board or newsletter to acknowledge the winners’ actions or traits that helped him win the award.

Helping Others

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Take up a cause and encourage your team to follow your lead. Random acts of kindness can encourage your organization to develop community awareness and provide group support. Encourage each member of your group to submit the name of a local charity that provides for the needs of others in the community. Ask them to include a large variety of nonprofit organizations, such as children’s hospitals, after-school groups, recycling programs and programs for the elderly. Have your members vote on which charity to support for the year. Provide incentives for supporting the charity, such as time off to volunteer or matching monetary donations.

Physical Fun

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Many team-building activities involve physical games, especially for young and energetic groups of people. Develop trust and support among team members by playing a game that provides physical examples of character and integrity. Split your group into two teams and have them compete for a simple prize, such as an earlier dismissal or a tasty treat. Place two small platforms on the floor. Use a couple pieces of newspaper or two tablecloths that barely allow room for each group to stand. Tell the groups to imagine these objects on the floor are small islands that they must all fit on to avoid falling into the raging ocean. Instruct your two groups to wait for your signal, then quickly run and congregate on their platform. Award the group that gets everybody on their platform first. Discuss how they had to support each other to keep anyone from falling off the surface.

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