Objectives of Team Building

by Flora Richards-Gustafson - Updated September 26, 2017
Team building activities can help with communication conflicts.

“Building a team” and “working as a team” are phrases commonly thrown around in the workplace. Team building, however, may be ineffective if participants do not have a clear understanding of the purpose of the associated exercises. A group of people who work together must have a good understanding of the organization’s objectives and how working as a team can create a sense of unity.

Improved Interpersonal and Communication Skills

An understanding of personality types and activities that encourage effective communication can help improve overall team communication. By having an understanding of how nonverbal cues can affect the meaning or perception of a statement, team members can learn how to avoid miscommunications. When conducting team building activities related to interpersonal and communication skills, it is important for a team to also practice sensitivity to cultural differences in communication.

Decreased Conflicts

Conflicts in a team, no matter how minor, are inevitable and can lead to fixing blame on team members. Team building exercises that involve an understanding of different personality types offer an opportunity for team members relate to different types of personal workplace demeanors, which can help decrease potential conflict. When team members have a better understanding of the personality types that represent the team, individuals can practice communication that is more effective and assign roles that will help how a team works as a system.

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Awareness of Team Culture

A team’s culture includes an organization’s goals and the relationships of those working within the organization. Team building helps develop team member understanding about the organization’s purpose and mission. When this is done, members of a team gain a better understanding of how personality types affect relationships with peers and subordinates, personal variances, the division of work and how different departments interact.

Improved Effectiveness and Productivity

Team building can help team members consider the different personality types in the group and how each individual can contribute to the success of the team and organization. Individuals learn that even though each person has a different job function, they all belong in the same department and can work together. As a result, individuals are more likely to unify to accomplish the organization’s goals with the “big picture” in mind.

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