You run your business for many reasons, not the least of which to put a roof over your head and feed your family. The efforts you make that ultimately help your company's bottom line are important. Your business is only able to stay viable if it is profitable. You can make a difference in a company by adhering to effective strategies.

Observe and Learn

Be more open and receptive to others. Though concentration is a good thing, you should not isolate yourself if you want to make the most of your company. Instead, observe and learn from your management and staff. Encourage your employees to do the same and pick up tips from each other that will help productivity. This, in turn, helps the entire company.

Study Your Field

You can make a difference in your work by gaining as much knowledge as possible about your business niche. Study pertinent research and periodicals to better understand how your field is progressing and how you can help your company grow. U.S. News and World Report says you can use this knowledge to mentor your employees. For example, if you run a small private school and have researched inclusion in the classroom, you can mentor teachers in this concept so they can apply it to their classrooms. You thus help other employees as well as the students and their families.

Energize the Workplace

A high-energy workplace is an exciting one in which to work. Raise the enthusiasm of staff by being spirited yourself. Smile when you come into work and speak to everyone in an upbeat voice. This helps set the mood for the day. Voice new ideas and gather opinions from others to engage employees. Initiate discussions to share information about your business field. Spark interest by collaborating with staff and management on projects. Acknowledge the work done by others to help them feel good about their jobs so they strive to work at a high level.

Community Interests

Don't allow your company to be isolated. Encourage management and staff to participate in efforts to improve the community. For example, encourage your company leaders to raise money for charities, take donations for food and clothing for the needy in your area and host health screenings for such ailments as diabetes and high cholesterol. Encourage the staff to take part in these efforts to serve others and it will bring you closer as a team and increase dedication to the company. The National Federation of Independent Businesses suggests creating an employee volunteer day in which the staff gets together to perform a service for the community such as serving meals at a homeless shelter.