As the seasons change from winter to spring, March offers opportunities for fresh marketing campaigns. The most obvious themes for this month are St. Patrick's Day, spring or March break and Easter (if it falls in March). Dig a little deeper, and there are many more March-inspired themes to be found, from spring cleaning to National On-Hold Month.

Ides of March

If your company caters to book lovers, history buffs, theatergoers or students, an ides of March theme could be a clever marketing idea. In William Shakespeare's play, "Julius Caesar," Caesar is warned to "beware the ides of March", the date (March 15) on which he is assassinated. A teaser campaign could warn the target to "beware missing the ides of March" at your company or celebrate the "Ides of March Madness", playing on the common March Madness theme.

Spring Cleaning

March is a good time to begin a campaign centered around spring cleaning because many people are starting to pack away their winter gear and pull out lighter clothes. If your business offers storage or cleaning items, this is a good time of year for a sale. The volume of sales should compensate for any markdowns. Even if a business doesn't naturally tie into cleaning items, the cleaning theme can be adapted for ads, with references to "Clean up with great deals" or "We're cleaning house".

Get Outside

With spring in the air, many people are starting to spend more time outside. That makes advertising that shows nature especially appealing. People who garden, play sports or suffer from cabin fever are the often the first ones spending a lot of time outside. A good campaign can encourage them to spend a lot of money when they step out. For example, encourage the sale of sports equipment and exercise clothes. Another angle is to include seasonal dates, such as planting times, in your advertisements.

Celebrate Causes and Events

Thanks to presidential proclamations and various organizations, there are many causes that a March campaign can adopt. Consider holding a fundraising event for Red Cross Month, or focus a campaign on Optimism Month, Mirth Month, Sing with Your Child Month or Youth Art Month. Nationally, March is also Craft Month, Umbrella Month and March into Literacy Month, giving themes for window displays or flyers. There are so many official titles for various days and weeks in March that it shouldn't be hard for most companies to find an advertising angle for their products or services. For example, sell the company's dedication to customer service by vowing not to celebrate On-Hold Month.