Mattress retailers must have effective advertising ideas with a direct call to action to get new customers in the door and stay in business. Some of the best ideas in the industry include advertising rock-bottom prices, giving away TVs, mattress fundraising and expanding your market reach to the Hispanic demographic.

“Prices Will Never Be Lower”

When consumers are motivated by a sense of urgency, sales can increase accordingly with a direct-response advertising campaign. If retail prices warrant it, try creating an advertising campaign around rock-bottom prices that are slated to never be lower. An advertisement that encourages customers to shop now can significantly increase the amount of traffic. Coupled with effective salespeople, your advertising efforts can translate to increased sales.

Free TV

“Free” is an eye-catching, motivating advertising word that catches people’s attention right off the bat. And because many furniture sales occur during moves or redecorating, consumers find they may need multiple items in home furnishings, so free is always an attractive offer. That’s why an advertising campaign focusing on a free TV or other big-ticket item can significantly increase your ad’s response. According to Bob Lietz, president of Advertising Concepts of America in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, “free TV ads are among the best promotions in the industry.”

Mattress Fundraising

Partner with local schools and community organizations to offer mattress fundraising as part of your advertising efforts. Mattress fundraising can generate between $2,000 and $6,000 for a group in one day, according to All American Fundraising Solutions, and it costs nothing to set up. That’s an attractive offer for many organizations that need to raise big money in a small amount of time. The advertising effort not only gets your name out, but it also generates sales.

Spanish Ads

Expanding your market outreach to the Hispanic population is a smart move for mattress retailers that want to capture increased market share. According to Yahoo!, 70 percent of first-generation Hispanics look for advertisements written in Spanish. Second-generation Hispanics closely follow with a 40 percent preference for advertisements in Spanish. Place spots on Spanish television stations for increased awareness outside of the English-speaking population. According to Furniture Today, “it's important to reach out to the growing Hispanic market.”