A banquet is an event that brings people who participate in a common organization or who have a common goal together for dinner. Often through these events, banquet organizers celebrate an achievement or raise money for a cause. If you're charged with the job of putting together your organization's upcoming banquet, keep a few key details in mind as you embark on this project.

Develop a planning committee if you need help putting the banquet program together. You can assign each person to take charge of each event on the program you develop.

Determine the key attendees who will be honored or featured at the banquet. For instance, if you're throwing a fundraising event you must invite representatives of the organization that will receive the check.

Estimate the total number of attendees, including the honorees and your team, so that you can book a location to accommodate the group for dinner. Establish the price for tickets to your banquet (if applicable).

Establish a firm date and time for your banquet dinner that's consistent with the schedules of all key attendees. Book a location and caterer for the date as soon as possible. Make sure you reserve equipment for the banquet as well, including a podium and microphone for speakers.

List the schedule of events with the help of your committee. Start with an introduction to welcome guests, then move on to key remarks from VIPs. Allow at least an hour block of time for guests to eat before the program begins. Identify the focus of the event and place it toward the middle of the schedule, followed by closing remarks. You can then fill in other key items you want to add to the schedule depending on your specific event.

Hire a graphic designer to create invitations to send to your intended list of invitees as well as tickets to distribute to paid guests. Ask the designer to create a printed program to distribute at the event once you have the schedule and key attendees confirmed.

Advertise the banquet if it is open to the public in your local paper, classified advertisements and on bulletin boards. Provide information about where guests can purchase and retrieve tickets as well as contact information for you or your banquet committee members.