A church facility can be an ideal location for cultural groups, community meetings and educational events. If you are the administrator of a group that is seeking to rent a church facility, you can write a letter of introduction. Describe your group and why you wish to rent the facility. This letter can help you book the church facility.

State the name and contact information of your organization. Provide relevant background information on your organization's history and its current goals. Describe what kind of activity you have in mind, how often and who will be in charge.

Write the times and dates of the event being planned. State whether the event is one-time only or if it will be held on an ongoing basis. Indicate how many people will attend or an expected range. Provide additional information such as whether you plan to set up a sound system, and if you intend to serve food. Indicate whether you will need child care. Indicate if you will need janitorial services or if your group will manage this.

Include the name and contact information of your liability insurer. State the terms of your coverage.

Request a meeting. Come prepared to discuss terms and sign an agreement.