Developing an event takes time, effort and resources, which means you want all the work to pay off. Save-the-date announcements are a key tactic for encouraging people to attend your corporate event. These materials not only help build hype about the event. They are also useful in ensuring people don’t schedule something else on that day. Use save-the-date information for sales events, grand openings and customer appreciation days.

Strategizing for Success

Plan to send out your save-the-date announcement at least one to two months before the event. Provide information about how people can register for the event on your website or via phone so they can sign up as soon as they receive the announcement. Personalize the message by using the recipient’s first name. Use the subject line of emailed invitations to garner attention, but avoid the words “save the date” or “mark the calendar” as recipients are less likely to open them, according to the Idea Group, a company that provides event strategizing services.

Design to Grab Attention

Get creative with your announcement so recipients feel excited about your event. For instance, if you’re inviting prospects to a special sales event, use clever packaging to send your message, such as a box or canister with the announcement placed inside. Even a simple but attention-grabbing postcard works to encourage people to attend. Make it attractive by using colorful imagery related to your event to help get your message across visually. However you package your announcement, prominently display your company’s name and logo on it so recipients will remember your company and brand.

Go With Benefits

Provide basic details about the event, including the name and purpose of the event, as well as the date, time and location. You don’t have to provide a full agenda about the event at this time, but include enough information to make people interested. Talk about the benefits recipients receive from attending, such as highlighting well-known guest speakers and what audience members will learn from the speeches. Spell out the action you want the recipient to take, such as pre-registering or simply marking their calendars.

Delivery Methods

Save-the-date invites can be sent a number of ways, including via email to customers, prospects, employees or shareholders. Mail the message if you do not have email addresses for your invitees. Rather than mailing individual invitations, you can also post your message on bulletin boards at work or in the community. If you plan to invite the general public to your event, distribute invitations to willing businesses in the area to hand out to their customers, prospects and employees.