How to Distribute Name Badges at a Large Conference

by Nicole Carlin; Updated September 26, 2017

Organizing a large-scale conference can be a daunting task. There are many components to manage to ensure that your conference runs gracefully and efficiently without a hitch. Ensuring that all participants and speakers have a name badge is an important task for the conference organizers because name badges facilitate communication and collaboration between conference attendees. Your budget and staff will dictate which name-badge distribution technique to choose.

Step 1

Leave materials on or under the seats in the conference room. The material packet should include a name-badge sticker and a pen or marker. Each conference attendee can create his own name badge, listing his name and organization affiliation. This is a useful badge distribution method for groups on a budget and with limited staff.

Step 2

Distribute name badges when guests arrive to the conference. You can pre-make the name badges and lay them out for attendees to find their own or create and hand them out as people register. This is a low budget option, but requires one to three staff members to man the registration table.

Step 3

Hire a conference center with a computerized system that allows conference attendees to register themselves and print out their own name badges. Generally, this computerized capability is only available in upscale conference facilities. It's a smart and time-effective choice for organizations with a moderately high conference budget.

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